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  1. Hello,
    I am Linda Donnell’s sister. I live north of Atlanta and I am also interested in film and theater. I have been a history teacher for about 20 years. Really enjoy European and World History. I would love to chat sometime about upcoming projects!

  2. I’m reading your blog and I’m thinking, this Lisa has my fantasy job. Though I worked in theatre (as management) and I write, write, write, oh to be a ‘filmmaker’. Though I have to admit I’d want to be scriptwriter, set and costumes designer, location scout, directer, editor – in fact, just about everything but for the actors. But it will, ever, remain a fantasy; an unexpressed desire to be all-creative. Does that mean I want to be God? Well, I’ll content myself with writing. And as with you films, my writing draws upon mythology.

  3. I’ve been around movie making much of my life. I considered it, along with jazz original American art forms. Now I look to Australia, UK, and Asia for the better films. We have sacrificed art to the Almighty dollar.

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