M for MacGuffin – #3 The Venus of Willendorf

5 thoughts on “M for MacGuffin – #3 The Venus of Willendorf”

  1. Wow! I love this one, Lisa! The shot of Aaron is excellent…the pose– the look on his face. It’s really fun to know the rock wall “behind the scenes” story here, too. That’s a great moment in the movie, Blackmail — perfect for inspiration in this photo series. I think I see the next clue ‘hiding’ in the background :)

    1. Susan! Thank you so much! We had a lot of fun creating this shot and I’m glad it reads as the plot point it is. And yes, you are correct about the clue to shot #4. ;)

  2. Ha ha! This is fantastic!! And pretty much everything Susan said too. Love, love, love the behind-the-scenes too. I dearly wish I were there while you were doing this. You talent and versatility know no bounds and you are so inspiring. <3 I hope you're planning a book of these… something about hotcakes springs to mind.

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