In The Time of the Butterflies – Rear Projections

3 thoughts on “In The Time of the Butterflies – Rear Projections”

  1. Lisa Stock, hi there.
    Great auditioning for you last week.
    I think this technique you discuss can be quite compelling. My first personal connection, was my visualizing a batters wife, in a bathtub, “remembering” her wedding day, and I pictured projected images of that day, above her hear as she bathes away her bruises, in the tub, onstage. I liked the idea of juxtaposing two alternate “realities”, in this case:
    A beautiful tender wedding, featuring handsome kind husband
    Addressing cuts and bruises from
    angry, bitter husband.
    I have only a few pages written for that piece, which I first imagined in 1998.
    Your projects sound wondrous, and your commitment to exploring, poignant.
    Continued Success.

    1. Should read: “battered wife”.
      The “personal connection” I speak of is from a poem I wrote, imagining a battered wife, and her abusive husband, who causes colorful bruises on her, called “Artist Without A Brush”.

  2. Congratulations Lisa! So excited that this opportunity has opened for you. Have a wonderful week! Linda
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