Welcome to Hell

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Hell”

  1. Hi Lisa Stock,
    I loved the “intrigue” you’ve created here….and SHARED THIS POST OF YOURS, ON MY FACEBOOK WALL.
    This experimenting of yours, and the subject-matter, reminds me of…..
    Way back in college, we had a makeup class where we had to “represent” one of four “qualities” on our face:
    It was fascinating discovering how to morph into the “state of”, using imagination, and nakeup! I went for “Lust”,and after class– still in makeup–headed back to the dorm, whereupon I walked into an elevator where my then-boyfriend of over 3 years was standing. He asked which floor I needed (!) and it took me IDENTIFYING MYSELF, for him to recognize me! Apparently, my mouth– which I drawn on, with huge, puffy lips– had thrown him off.
    Btw, in that class, I received an A+ for my efforts!
    Continued Success in this and all your endeavors, Lisa. :)

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