4 thoughts on “WITCH”

  1. So…I’ve watched it twice, and I admit that I still don’t entirely know what’s going on. I mean, she could be a lonely young woman who lost a baby, or potentially involved in nefarious activities. Since this is not restricted to our universe, I can’t really judge sufficiently by the evidence present as to her guilt, both by actuality or perception or even inference.

    The actions of the crowd, however, while not explicit (ie we do not actually SEE the crowd throwing firey timbers etc), are implied with sufficient grace and skill that I am extroidinarily confident that they should, in fact, be burned themselves, painfully so.

    Even were we to concede that the protagonist were guilty of something, death by flame is amongst the most horrific imaginable. Anyone wishing to initiate it should have it inflicted upon them.

    Does that mean I should be burned? On some level, perhaps, but I restrict my use of flame to evil supernatural creatures only killable by fire…and people that burn other living people alive. That’s your call.

    I am a flawed creature, however, in that, I must admit I take on a primal level, far too much delight inflicting pain on things that deserve it….and I can think of few less deserving than the fuckers who did this to that poor woman.

    Light the flame throwers boys….and watch them run.

  2. Thank you for comments Tom. I’m glad to know how the experiement is viewed in taken in. What I’m aiming for is for you to tell me the story. Who do you think she is? What’s happening to her? The call is yours – this is your tale to tell. There are no wrong answers. I’ve purposely left things vague for the viewer to insert their imagination and tell me what’s going on. Hope you enjoyed and that it was worth your time. Thank you for replying! – Lisa

    1. Something was rotten in the state of 2256229-A, and it was going to burn. Hardeath would see to that.

      The Directive of the Transtemporal Atrocities was a fairly new agency in the grand cosmic scheme of things. Ever since the Accord of His Noodly Appendage, the larger macroscopic powers of various paradigms and worlds of the Pandiverse concurred that isolation of locked realities were generally a good thing, and so the beuracracies of angels, djinn, demigods etc that served the Powers That Cared all had their corners of the multiverse to determine their own, but for the most part, they tended to stick to their pet projects enabling heroes where need be.

      Humanity from Earth 44765 had managed to evolve ethically to a point where they were not only not Shunned, but actually Embraced, allowed contact on the grand scheme of time, space and causality, but unlike the vast majority of their existant brethren, they believed that standing by ‘for the greater good’ was a load of horseshit. The Directive had only existed for approximately 100 Base – Subjective years, but it already had a reputation for….violence? If that was an adequete word.

      It probably wasn’t.

      Hardeath had been watching the village for appoximately 100 Base Subjective Minutes. Echoes on the Dithometer indicated that the source of the disturbance lay at a local domicile 19 clicks north of the primary habitation center. As a Scout Agent, Hardeath was given dramatic liscence to the point of almost direct autonomy, and while legally heresay he amused himself at the practical reality that he really could Play God and essentially get away with it.

      Trans phase cloaking combined with Mana Dampers kept him quite unseen both by the local ‘humans’ as well as the indegenous paralactals (‘fairies, dryads, angels, demons etc’) since most of them were of the small cap variety, as compared to their Greater brethren/sisteren in the Great Beyond.

      Hardeath tapped the Dithometer four or five times, but it still refused to give a smooth arlay of exactly what was going on, but the outcome was clear enough. The inhabitants of the cottage were clearly touching mana (‘magic’ as the locals liked to call it) and there were ripples across space time, but there was no indication that her interactions with the indegenous paralactals had in fact caused harm to the village.

      From an ROI stand point, this really didn’t merit Hardeath’s time. Even for an agency as small as the Directive, they were generally more interested in dead worlds, failed heroes, and catastropies of an epic nature, particularly ones that caused extensive damage to the Reach or even worse threatned the GB itself.

      But what was the purpose of Autonomy if you got nothing out of it?

      Hardeath found it was the little things that mattered really…if it wasn’t personal, what was the point? It was the closest thing to a ‘salary’ the job really paid anyway…

      Echoes Forward revealed now 95% probability of the death of the inhabitants of the cottage in 3.4 Basetime Subjective Minutes.


      Bending the loop back on the exo skeleton but staying out of flex with the local Subjective, he essentially ‘duplicated’ himself with perfect stealth behind all 97.5 members of the mob. [One of them was pregant].

      Hardeath just sat through the agonizing 1.5 minutes required to provided Actual Time proof of definitive Attrocitiy. Torches Thrown. Attrocity Confirmed.

      Unleashing the Hellfire and Heaven Fire in combination was….well…to quote the old 20th century cartoons of Earth 44765 like bringing out the Voltron Sword in the first six second of the show. Typically reserved for Greater Deviations like world swallowing demons, dead Gods and Nanoplagues that went Transtemporal, the twin chambers of the Reflectory repreented 20000 hours of effort per microgram, and in the single Base 2.5 seconds he unleashed the absolutely agonozing combination of the two causing Soul Pain and Mind Pain matching Unmeasurable Level 9 levels. His mind couldn’t even begin to comprehend it…

      Hardeath grinned at their screams.

      He then transtracked and shunted the .5 Iprepop to a nearby couple trying for children. Call him Rumple.

      The Paralactal and the Human were within .000001 Base Seconds of Regular Heat Death but were Shunted 1.25 clicks north away from the flames and rip in the space time caused by the Combination of Death.

      They likely had no idea what the hell had just happened.

      Hardeath, of course, had essentially used a bazooka on an ant, except it was really more like a Roswell Alien using a bazooka on an Ant that was in turn nuking a bacteria that was ill with the flu.

      It was a good day. Work done, he shifted north towards the nearest way station to refuel. There would be paper work to fill out. He did not care.

      He could still hear their screams looping to the point that they could be heard even in the Great Beyond.

      They would echo forever…and ever….

      And they lived unhappily ever after.

      But .5 Indpop, Paralactal and Baseline Human with Minor Occult Potential lived adequately, ignoring local conditions of primitive tech, low mana and high jerk population…

      But that is another story.

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