The Triptych Heart

3 thoughts on “The Triptych Heart”

  1. Lisa — I’ve just watched this twice. Lovely! Seems a very brave and and personal film, and it says something directly to me about the entanglements of love and the life and work and commitment of an artist. (Cautionary indeed! ;-)

    The thing that I noticed right away as a visual artist is that this small film is like having the chance to look at an artist’s most personal sketchbook: deeply symbolic imagery penciled out, and out of which emerges a theme. Much as you mentioned above about how you made the film by creating/sketching out the footage first and then being inspired by what you’ve gathered together.

    Very striking imagery throughout (the red coat & the vertical lines of the trees) and some things remind me very favorably of Jean Cocteau (the ghostly image slowly opening her eyes!). I really like the Maya Deren quote as well about maximizing what you have available to full effect, and what’s most important in a creative work. I think you’ve succeeded beautifully here, with minimal “stuff”. Time, careful craftsmanship and inspiration — straight from the heart — is what really counts.

    1. Thank you Holly! So glad you liked it.

      I treated myself to “The Essential Deren” – a collection of essays on film by Maya Deren. So inspiring! I recommend it if you haven’t read it already. I’ve been thinking of you as I try to find a storyboard I made for TITANIA. I lived with that board for a couple of years before we shot the dream scene. By the time the shoot date came around it was so ingrained in my head I didn’t need to look at a shot list – but I was still surprised when the scene came out to look exactly like the board. I don’t know why – but I was. :)

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